Friday, September 27, 2013

New Media for Designers + Builders

New Media for Designers + Builders
by Steve Mouzon

New Media for Designers + Builders is a stockpile of focused marketing strategies and tactics catered specifically to selling architectural (and related) services today. Mouzon’s eBook serves both concept and recipe so that busy designers and builders can market themselves in near-expert fashion. The big idea of nm4db is that technology has advanced to a place where a multitude of powerful digital tools are available to anyone who has access to a mouse and keyboard. Mouzon spins a very specific and intricate web showing the purpose of new media like blogs and social networks as well as how they combine to promote your business.

nm4db is available today as an interactive eBook (click link above). The content is divided into basic sections: Why, How, Who, and What. WHY is an introduction of the materials and strategies Mouzon has been practicing in successfully promoting his own business and non-business ventures for years. A brief but insightful synopsis of why these new media tools are now particularly crucial to any business’s market mix leads to a summary of the ideas and techniques to follow.

HOW dissects each new media tool – from Blogging and Websites to Discussion Groups, Video Presentation and Public Speaking – in image-rich numbered sections with strong visual cues for quick digestion. If you are weary of blogging, you won’t be after Mouzon’s argues its strengths and best practices for implementation. The advice herein is delivered carefully and with multiple references and outside opinions both bolstering Mouzon’s outlook and pointing to more extensive reading material on any given topic.

nm4db preaches Patience, Generosity, and Connectedness as a contrasting approach to completing on Quality, Speed, and Economy. That may sound preposterous at first, but Mouzon tailors each virtue to slowly but surely increase your marketing reach and turn publicity into revenue. At 397 pages, the eBook may seem long. Though it is thorough, New Media for Designers + Builders can be read in an afternoon. WHO and WHAT, which account for over 200 pages, simply serve as a meticulous bibliography and reference list of Mouzon’s community of influencers, collaborators, and innovators.

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Steve Mouzon said...

Daniel, New Media for Designers + Builders has gone live on iTunes and there's a Kindle version as well. Anyone who has an iPad should get the iTunes version because the iPad interactive books are far more fun than regular e-books could ever be. Also, please feel free to leave a review there if you like.